Monday, September 1, 2014

What I Learned in August

I am linking up with Chatting At The Sky What I Learned in August

My youngest has been watching again Ghostbusters.  As we were watching it with him, both my husband and I commented that it would be awesome to update the special effects.  Next morning on the radio, I hear that Ghostbuster III is going to be a remake with an all female cast.  I think it is an interesting idea.  August 28th was National Ghost Busters Day - Remember don't cross the streams. LOL

Because my son really wiped out on his bike, I was reminded that I too reminded that I wiped out on the hill in front of my childhood home.  I keep telling him scars have stories.  I use to have a great one on my elbow from that wipeout on the hill that I got falling off my bike..

The other day my son asked me to color with him.  He is 12.  I had things to do but I thought why not.  He starts middle school in a few days.  I loved slowing down with him. This might be the last time he asks me to do that.  Time passes too quickly. 

I learn so much from my kids.  My oldest (16) is EXTREMELY goal oriented.  He made a list of things he wanted to accomplish this summer and I think he did well at accomplishing his goals.  I think, often times as parents, we too reevaluate our goals as school starts. I have been using Life as Mom's Post It To Do/journal sheet. 

I found that I don't keep this in a 3 ring notebook until I finished the week.  So I put it in a sheet protector and place the post it on top of the protector.  I usually only cross off This Week Goals and This Month Goals once a day.  The sheet was getting ratty without the protector as I seem to carry it around.. All my little notes - grocery list, books to read, quotes I write on the back of this sheet. 
I made some tweaks and I find myself accomplishing more using this tool.  I am goal setting.  I needed that. I hate to give up my handy dandy notebooks but this is making sense to me right now.
Not Native
I call this photo "Geranium in the Woods"
We were out geocaching, imagine that, we came across a geranium growing under the tree.  We were pretty deep in the woods. It was unclear if someone planted or what.  I am pretty sure geraniums are not native Washington. This is reminded me of the saying, "Grow where you are planted."

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School Linky Love

What a Teenage Boy Needs Most From His Mom  I have a 12 year old and 16 year old so I can really relate to this. This is good stuff.

Praying for Clarity from Chatting at the Sky

School Supply List Demystified - this is a post I did way back in 2008 still good info.  Does anyone else think new Crayola's smell like Mommy Freedom.  LOL

The Suburb Where Everyone Can Walk to School

Saving Kids Art Work - I did something similar with Chuck's artwork in preschool.  I love this idea to tame the paper monster.

Leap of  Faith by Floor Pie - I think she says it best how we send our special needs kids to school and we take a leap of faith. I also like the opening that before she knew her son had Asperger's she would bring snacks to play dates to prevent meltdowns.  My friend Mrs Respiratory Therapist would often point out I was the ultimate re director that is what I would do before I knew my son had Asperger's.

Back to School the 70's vs Today - Ok, I grew up in the 70's so I found this hilarious. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seahawks Inspired Coffee Filter Wreath

I don't know what it is but I am feeling very creative lately.  I want to create. Some things that are inspiring me are wreaths.  I saw these Seahawk wreaths at Micheals.  I would love to try this with the art deco mesh.

However, I have pinned on my wreath pinterest board for a while a coffee filter wreath. The wreath was all white but with a little searching.  I came to find out people were dying the filters. Some people used food coloring but I used diluted acrylic paint. I mixed my paint and water in a plastic shoe box and dyed the filters about 10 at a time.  I didn't even separate them until I started drying them.

With supplies on hand,  I gave it a go and made a Seahawks colors wreath. It wasn't difficult to make but time consuming since I was dying the filters.  I bought the filters at the dollar store. The paint I had on hand. I also had a wire wreath form on hand and I wrapped it in some fabric so I was able to glue the filters to the form.  I only ended up burning my index finger and dying my hand blue. 
Seahawks Inspired Coffee Filter Wreath
Not to mention that the Art Deco Wire Wreath from Micheals cost $39.95 when on sale and mine cost $2.  And I get to say, "GO HAWKS!"

Anyone make a art deco wire wreath or coffee filter wreath?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Booking It - August 2014

I am linking up with Life as Mom and Booking It. Please click on over and check out what everyone else is reading. These ladies are my go to for reading suggestions.

I finally got hold of  The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith.  I am a huge Nester fan. I loved it.  I read it in one evening.  There is plenty of food for thought about your home in this book. If you want your house to be a home pick this up.  It will change your perceptions of  home and being happy in your current circumstances.

With enough money, anyone can create a pretty house. But it takes intention to create a home.
Myquillen Smith

I was also drawn into getting the book, The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard Morais after seeing the movie trailer.

It was a decent read.  I think this would appeal to those into the show Top Chef which I love. I think it is an interesting look at what it takes to be Chef. I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't compare it to the book.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shot to the Heart

Since my hubby has been busy with shot up target frame wood.  Target wood is wood that as been used for target frames at a local gun range. The wood has lots of  bullet holes. We make picture frames with it that we call Match Stick Frames.We had lots of unusable cut offs from frames so  I asked my hubby to make me a shot up heart. He attached this fancy heart hanger he made with some rusted wire that was given to him.  I think it turned out cute and the best part it cost $0 money. I added it to our heart/love/valentine gallery wall. Details about the string heart here and embroidered tree here.
Anyone else got You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi going through their head?

Friday, August 22, 2014

A New Venture - Etsy Shop

8x10 Keep Calm and Reload
My hubby and I have a small new venture.  We are selling what we call these Match Stick Picture Frames.
8 x 10 Thomas Jefferson Quote 
8 x10 Don't Tread On Me
The wood of the frame has genuine bullet holes in it. The wood is from actual shot up target frames from a local range.  The range normally just burns the busted target frames in their burn barrels during the winter. We are donating a portion of the profits to the Junior Shooter Program at our local range. 
I think these frames would look awesome in a Den, Man Cave, Western Theme Room, or Workshop. Each frame is so unique.  It was fun putting them together making sure that each piece had character with lots of  bullet holes.
Our picture frames are also for sale locally at TENEX and at our Etsy shop Match Stick Frames

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Linky Love

Not Sharing Policy This is an interesting look at whether or not we should teach kids to share.  Some really valid points.

The Danger of Back to School - this article deals with the increase of mental health visits for kids during the school year.  This is really interesting as the visits increase dramatically during the school year.  School is stressful.

What to Feed Teenage Boys?  Oh this is an oldie but has a lot of good suggestions.  I struggle with this topic a lot as I have a 12 year old and 16 year old. My 12 year old has some food restrictions due to braces so it makes it more complicated.