Thursday, September 18, 2014

94 years Young

Pappy with a Paper Cake
with 94 candles
This past weekend we got to celebrate Pappy's 94th birthday.  We took a little trip to Elbe, WA just outside of  Mt Rainier National Park.  There is a restaurant in a railroad dining car.  Pappy really wanted an Elk burger so that is what he had.  The rest of us had various types of burgers including buffalo.
Enjoying an Elk Burger
Then we drove up into Mt Rainier National Park.  The weekend was really busy probably because it was such a beautiful fall day.  We stopped at Paradise and took the picture below.  It is in the lodge parking lot.
We finished the day with Pappy with a German Chocolate Cake complete with candle.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Emergency Prepardness Artwork

Last weekend, my youngest son and husband had an opportunity to go to an emergency preparedness event. A co-worker of my husband's was there setting up an improvised shelter.  My son was so inspired that he made a drawing of someone living off the land in a tent because the bridge over the river is out.  Sometimes, you don't know with kids what will inspire them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Breaking Up With My Grocery Store

Dear Grocery Store,

IT is YOU not me. 


I think I might need to break up with my grocery store.  I have been struggling with this through the summer. My stock up and generally overall cheaper store Fred Meyer has been under going a remodel.  I hate it. I keep returning hoping it has magically improved.  At the end of the remodel, I find the prices higher and there seems less grocery product and selection.  The store having less product means that it is constantly being restocked in really narrow aisles.  Did I mention that this store is frequented by the Canadians as well. This makes this store an exceptionally busy store. IT is bad enough I have to travel to a nearby town to shop.  I do have plenty of choices in the nearby town for grocery stores so I guess I going to have to come up with a new grocery store game plan.

I recently got an email newsletter from Money Saving Mom - Crystal touting the benefits of keeping a price book and scouting out local stores.  The gist of the email was the time taken to do this had direct benefits to your bottom line. 

Anyone else broke up with their grocery store?

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Bandits Strike

This could of been titled, " Funny Messages My Family Left Me".  Well, the " I LOVE YOU BANDIT" has struck again.  I probably should dust my aloe plant.
The Drive Thru Bandit Was Here
I left my car in a grocery store parking lot while I shopped. I was struck by the "Drive Thru Bandit". You think they could of left at least one fry.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The 1st Day is in the Books!

Cody - 1st Day of 11th Grade
Well the boys aka The 2 Man Wrecking Crew survived the first day of 11th grade and 6th grade.
Lucky Chuck- 1st Day of 6th Grade
M.y kids were exhausted after their day. Anyone else get more than a one word answer about their day (fine)? I loved this blog post on 25 ways to ask your teens "How was your day?"

Monday, September 1, 2014

What I Learned in August

I am linking up with Chatting At The Sky What I Learned in August

My youngest has been watching again Ghostbusters.  As we were watching it with him, both my husband and I commented that it would be awesome to update the special effects.  Next morning on the radio, I hear that Ghostbuster III is going to be a remake with an all female cast.  I think it is an interesting idea.  August 28th was National Ghost Busters Day - Remember don't cross the streams. LOL

Because my son really wiped out on his bike, I was reminded that I too reminded that I wiped out on the hill in front of my childhood home.  I keep telling him scars have stories.  I use to have a great one on my elbow from that wipeout on the hill that I got falling off my bike..

The other day my son asked me to color with him.  He is 12.  I had things to do but I thought why not.  He starts middle school in a few days.  I loved slowing down with him. This might be the last time he asks me to do that.  Time passes too quickly. 

I learn so much from my kids.  My oldest (16) is EXTREMELY goal oriented.  He made a list of things he wanted to accomplish this summer and I think he did well at accomplishing his goals.  I think, often times as parents, we too reevaluate our goals as school starts. I have been using Life as Mom's Post It To Do/journal sheet. 

I found that I don't keep this in a 3 ring notebook until I finished the week.  So I put it in a sheet protector and place the post it on top of the protector.  I usually only cross off This Week Goals and This Month Goals once a day.  The sheet was getting ratty without the protector as I seem to carry it around.. All my little notes - grocery list, books to read, quotes I write on the back of this sheet. 
I made some tweaks and I find myself accomplishing more using this tool.  I am goal setting.  I needed that. I hate to give up my handy dandy notebooks but this is making sense to me right now.
Not Native
I call this photo "Geranium in the Woods"
We were out geocaching, imagine that, we came across a geranium growing under the tree.  We were pretty deep in the woods. It was unclear if someone planted or what.  I am pretty sure geraniums are not native Washington. This is reminded me of the saying, "Grow where you are planted."

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School Linky Love

What a Teenage Boy Needs Most From His Mom  I have a 12 year old and 16 year old so I can really relate to this. This is good stuff.

Praying for Clarity from Chatting at the Sky

School Supply List Demystified - this is a post I did way back in 2008 still good info.  Does anyone else think new Crayola's smell like Mommy Freedom.  LOL

The Suburb Where Everyone Can Walk to School

Saving Kids Art Work - I did something similar with Chuck's artwork in preschool.  I love this idea to tame the paper monster.

Leap of  Faith by Floor Pie - I think she says it best how we send our special needs kids to school and we take a leap of faith. I also like the opening that before she knew her son had Asperger's she would bring snacks to play dates to prevent meltdowns.  My friend Mrs Respiratory Therapist would often point out I was the ultimate re director that is what I would do before I knew my son had Asperger's.

Back to School the 70's vs Today - Ok, I grew up in the 70's so I found this hilarious.