Sunday, February 1, 2015

10 Easy/cheap Ways to Decorate and Celebrate Valentine's Day

1. Heart Construction Paper Garlands. I have done these in many different styles - No tape/staple, Martha Stewart Style, and Clothes Pin/Makeshift. I also like this quick one, 5 minute Dolly Garland at Stay at Home Artist. If you can cut out a heart, you can make one of these. I love that I can put these in the recycle after Valentine's is over.

2. Make Valentine's with craft supplies on hand. Kids love to make Valentines even boys. I have some friends that look forward every year to getting a homemade Valentine from me. Corny is OK too. It is good mail and who doesn't enjoy receiving some of that. Owl Directions

3. Send Good Mail. If you really want to impress your Valentine have your Valentine remailed from Loveland, Colorado aka the Sweetheart City. Directions here.

4. Make photo cards. You don't have to have to have any fancy editing software. You just got to be creative. I've done Lego, Eye love you, Be Mine, and Kiss this. Here are some examples.

5. Use what you have to decorate. In my case, that is lots and lots of Legos. We have made Lego hearts. We have spelled LOVE with Legos. You can make a lovely heart out of conversation hearts and put it into a dollar store frame.


6. Make a Yummy Treat. Since Valentine's Day is on Saturday this year, what about a special breakfast. Waffles with strawberry sauce is calling my name. Chuckles thinks we should make cinnamon roll hearts. I saw this great idea at Life is a Party for cinnamon roll hearts aka love buns and pink hot cocoa. I might give that a go.

7. Write a love note. A couple years back,  I did a heart attack on the boys bedroom doors. I cut out hearts and taped them to their door with their special qualities written on them.

8 Class up the Joint.Set a fancy table for dinner or just dine by candlelight. Break out the good dishes.

9. Celebrate. Have a special dinner or in our case that is Pizza. It is a tradition for us.

10. Share the Love. Spend time with those you love because that is really priceless.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Seahawks Love- GO HAWKS

The name of my town has been temporarily changed to 12-Dale.

I saw this at a local church. Seahawk fans are referred to as the 12th man.

This our Seahawks center piece.  GO HAWKS!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Caching Nevada- Day 3

Looking out from the Tonopah Welcome Sign
After finishing our ET Highway experience, we headed back to Vegas. (Day 1 and Day 2)We were torn because the big Seattle Game was in the middle of our day.  We decided to just check our phone for the stats.  Nevada caches I have decided are a combo of rock piles, beat up ammo cans, and cattle guard hides.

We left Tonopah caching our way out.  We noticed there were a few caches on old highway 95 so we decided to do those.  The road was no longer being maintained but it wasn't too horrible.  We were able to avoid most of the pot holes. IT was interesting to see mining pits right off the road.

I think the highlight of the drive back was definitely Goldfield, NV.  One of our favorite caches we found or should say we did not find was in the Junk Car Forest.  This is what I love about geocaching is that it takes you to incredibly off the beaten path places.
We also saw these subway covers.  There is no subway in Goldfield so the why they are here is a mystery. I have to say all the caches in Goldfield took you to really interesting places a house made with bottles, some ruins that only had brick archway left, an abandoned high school.
I can honestly say on this trip this is the VERY FIRST TIME I cached a airplane cache.
IT was also the first time we have EVER cached by a brothel.
We ended up with 60 plus caches on Day 3 and made it back to Las Vegas.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Year, New Linky Love

This Guy Took a Photo Every Time He Saw Someone Reading a Book on the Subway - This is fabulous.

E-Books are Damaging Your Health

Design a Maze for the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. This is the hotel that inspired Stephen King to write the Shining. Deadline is Jan 31st. More details

A Couple Bought An Abandoned French Chateau from the 1700. This is What They Found Inside. This is really cool.  I would totally love to restore a French Chateau. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

ET Hwy Day 2

We had a fabulous time on our Epic Geocaching Trip. More about our Day 2 adventures below.

Day 1 Details

We got a pretty early start and cached on.  We joked that we couldn't escape Rachel Nevada as it was in sight most of the day. We did about 131 caches and decided we need to just drive.  The constant getting out of the car was just plain tiring.  We did eventually get back to caching.  We ended up with 160 caches for the day.
Yes, a cow with antenna.
Most of the ET Highway is open range.  On the second day, we saw lots of cows and an actual cowboy herding cows across the highway.  I wouldn't drive the highway in the dark to much of chance of running into cows.  We saw a dead cow on the side of the road. We also saw some wild horses as well.

Highlight caches

In Memory Of Sgt Stevenson- (GCYEWH) -This cache was placed in memory of Sgt. Howard Stevenson who was shot and killed on Jan. 9th 2005. He was an avid Geocacher and loved to spend time in the Nevada desert. This cache was a bit of a hike and search up a hill. The view was awesome
View from the cache.  You can barely see the car.
Oh Bucket (GCI6VQ3)- This one had a clever container and we have no idea what the huge bucket was used for. But even better this cache was across from a rest area.
Me standing by the bucket. Oh by the way, I am 5'7"

We spent in Tonopah.  The Best Western had a recent remodel and I thought the rooms were really nice.  The mattress was superb. We ate dinner across the street a the Tonopah Brewing Company.  They were also going to have live music that evening. the food and beer was great. The motel also served a hot breakfast.

Friday, January 23, 2015

ET Highway Day 1- Travel Bucket List

Well, this year already I managed to take something off my travel bucket list. I wrote more about my travel bucket list here.

The Start of the ET Highway
My husband planned a trip to the ET Highway in Nevada with the purpose of geocaching along it.  We went without our kids.  This is the first time we have ever left our kids for more than one day.  We had an amazing time.  I have to give a great big shout out to Nonna and Pappy who took care of the two man wrecking crew.

The ET highway has over 2000 geocaches along it.  The highway according to hard core geocachers is considered a power trail. Specific Details about the ET Highway Geocaches.We only found a small number in comparison to what is actually out there.  We spent about a day and half caching the actual highway itself. We flew into Vegas and my husband proceed to rent an impractical but fun car - A CAMARO. 

We hit the road and found a few caches prior to the highway.  In retrospect we probably should of just started at the highway since we got such a late start. 
The caches are pretty much drive ups and in rock piles every 10th of a mile.  There was lots of starting and stopping. We were so glad we invested in a stamp to stamp the log book.  The first day we found about 92 caches. That was a new caching record for us. The landscape is so beautiful and so different from Western Washington.  I couldn't help but stare out at the landscape.
Piece of Weathered Wood is a survey marker

We ended our day in Rachel Nevada at the Little  AleInn.  What a totally unique place. 
 We had no idea we were going to spend our night in a trailer but it was all good.  The food at the restaurant was exceptional and the people were friendly. We even had Alien Pie for dessert. Alien Pie I believe is Coconut, Pecan, and Raisin.  IT was seriously delish.  I also hard their alien casserole is great too.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Annual Reminder of Valentine Remailing

Want to mail your sweetheart a special card or message on Valentine's Day from the Sweetheart City of Loveland, Colorado?  Get your card specially stamped by following the directions below

  • Pre-address, pre-stamp all valentine’s and enclose them in a larger 1st Class envelope.
All envelopes should be sent to:
Postmaster - Attention Valentines
446 E. 29th St
Loveland, CO 80538-9998
All valentines will be removed from the larger envelope at the post office.

To ensure delivery by Valentine’s Day 2015:

    • Foreign mail must be received in Loveland by Feb. 3
    • U.S. destined mail must be received in Loveland by Feb. 6
    • Colorado destined mail must be received in Loveland by Feb. 10
  •  Proper postage must be affixed, especially for foreign mail.